What Our Eyebrow Transplant Patients Say…

“When I was a kid I had the most perfect thick eyebrows.  But over the years, I slowly over plucked them.  Once I realized that I barely had any eyebrows left and the thin eyebrow trend of the 90s was gone… I tried everything to make them regrow.  Unfortunately, they did not.  My whole face changed by not having much eyebrow hair.  I thought my only option was to draw them in.  I don’t wear much makeup on my face and it would take me 15 minutes each morning just to draw in my eyebrows.  I was getting sick of it.  So I looked into other options to get them to grow back.  I did tons of research on eyebrow transplants and it kept brining me back to Dr. Dauer.   I went in for my consult and was immediately put at ease.  He knew exactly what I was going through and I felt confident he would be able to bring back my eyebrows, in the shape that was meant for my face.  I had the procedure and they grew in perfectly ! It has literally changed my whole face and now I barely have to put any makeup on.  Having the procedure was the best thing I did and I wouldn’t have had anyone else do it.   I decided a few years later that I wanted even more hair and opted for a second procedure.  Of course I saw Dr. Dauer again and I am so happy I did ! He made them thicker and fuller than before.  People don’t realize how important eyebrows are for your appearance, Dr. Dauer does and he makes the whole experience as comfortable as possible and really knows his stuff.  It’s your face, it’s important to go to someone who knows what their doing and takes it seriously.”


“Words cannot express my gratitude for the way you not only enhanced my facial appearance but my self esteem as well! You truly are a gifted eyebrow transplant expert surgeon and a rare caring practitioner! Not only you treated me personally but you listened to my input and provided wise feedback with compassion and warmth! Thank you so much again for everything. I am so glad I found you doc!”

“My eyebrow hair transplant surgery consisted of one positive experience after another. In many ways, I was treated like a valuable client and not a patient. When I initially contacted Dr. Dauer’s office I was surprised to find that Dr. Dauer himself was willing to talk to me about the procedure. During my consultation, I realized immediately that I had found the right man for the job. Dr. Dauer showed a genuine interest in my concerns and gave me his personal e-mail address so that I could contact him directly if I had any questions – find me another doctor who does that! I was also surprised by the hospitable nature of Dr. Dauer and his staff. During my procedure, I was given access to Netflix and hundreds of T.V. channels while I was served lunch at Dr. Dauer’s expense. For the first in my life, a doctor made me feel appreciated and respected; I wasn’t just a number or a routine. It has been 8 months since my procedure and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My eyebrows now have a natural, full shape and have drastically changed my appearance, giving me a boost in confidence. In fact, I am so pleased with the results that I scheduled a second procedure, which I have absolutely zero anxiety about because my first experience was so positive and because I now know that the surgery is virtually pain free. Surgery can be scary, especially a cosmetic one, but getting my hair transplant with Dr. Dauer is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you Dr. Dauer!”

– Rachel, Studio City, CA

“I’m doing very well, thank you. Dr Dauer was fantastic, and took such good care of me. It’s so nice to have eyebrows, wow! I would have done it years ago if I had known about the procedure. Everything is healing nicely, no infection or problems.”

– Thank you again! S.D.



“I had been thinking about getting eyebrow transplant for years. I visited multiple transplant specialists, including the famous Bosley, but chose to go with Dr. Dauer because he made me feel so comfortable. He explained everything in detail and I was highly impressed by his professional demeanor. Dr. Dauer and his office staff are all absolutely amazing. He is a perfectionist, so you know that your transplanted hairs are going to be placed perfectly. He’s gentle and caring. The procedure itself is pretty painless and the recovery period is short and almost completely pain free.

“I had my first eyebrow transplant with Dr. Dauer last year. The results were amazing! In a 3 month period, my brows went from non-existent to absolutely full and just gorgeous. The results were so great, that I actually went in for a second transplant about a month ago, only to make my brows even more fuller and thicker. I’m now awaiting for the second set of transplanted hairs to grow in. I already get complements on my brows on a daily basis and can’t wait for the second set of hairs to grow in!!!

I highly recommend Dr. Dauer for any hair transplantation! ”

– Anonymous

“I just got my eyebrow hair transplant yesterday with Dr. Dauer and it was a wonderful experience!! I was very scared and nervous at first but Dr. Dauer and his assistant Brenda make you feel at ease and super duper comfortable. Everyone is super nice and caring and I felt like I was a princess. The office is nice with no dentist/doctors office feel and the room where I had the procedure done has a very nice view!! (11th floor) After the donor area is taken out you are served a delicious lunch of your choice. I had the Alfredo Chicken Lasagna..and it was so good!! I can’t wait to eat there again for my follow up appointments. There is not much pain in my eyebrow area as of today but it is very swollen. And the donor site is kind of painful but I can deal… No doubt the best doctor for hair transplants. Already got a compliment from my mom’s friend and she wanted me to write down his info for her husband who is balding. I love love love MDNEWHAIR!! No hesitation in recommending to anyone interested in any type of hair transplant. If you need any info on how my procedure went, before and after pictures or anything in general about this…message me anytime! ”

– Anonymous

“I had done a lot of research and had met with quite a few other doctors before I ended up in Dr. Dauer’s. To be quite frank, Dr. Dauer was by far my most pleasant experience. He personally called me, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and worked around my schedule for the consultation. I’d immediately made my decision the moment I stepped out of his office and scheduled the next step. A few months later I was back in for the procedure. This was something I’d waited a few years to finally do so I was both nervous and excited. The experience was extremely pleasant (give the circumstances) and virtually pain free (ish). They went out of their way to make me feel as comfortable as possible. It’s the best thing I ever did and I am extremely happy with the results. Not only would I recommend Dr Dauer and his office but I would also go the extra mile to say that I would only trust him when it comes to this eyebrow transplant procedure. Trust me, I’ve done all the research and have met with most everyone in the LA area who specializes in this and speak candidly when I say that I am absolutely positive that I made the right choice.”

– Amy Ryan

Dr. Dauer and his staff are incredible! I just had an eyebrow hair transplant and I could not be more thrilled with the results so far. Dr. Dauer is THE BEST hair transplant surgeon, hands down. Dr. Dauer is a perfectionist with a meticulous eye for detail. I am absolutely amazed at how natural and thick my eyebrows look! The entire process was comfortable, easy, informative, and fun. Dr. Dauer and his assistant, Brenda, patiently answered all of my questions, made safety and comfort a priority, and involved me in every step. They are immensely skilled and trained, and they really took the time to patiently create beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows. Not only is Dr. Dauer exceptionally skilled and talented, he is a really sincere, genuine person who cares about his clients and takes pride in doing excellent work. I also want to mention that everyone in his office is wonderful and kind. It is a smart, professional, hard-working office. I would be more than happy to share pictures and answer any questions that anyone might have about the process. I have not been this excited about a procedure in a long, long time! Thank you, Dr. Dauer, for giving me beautiful, graceful, natural-looking eyebrows”

– Sue K


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