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In our practice we deal exclusively with Hair and Eyebrow Transplants. We believe that in order to achieve the best results it requires a singular focus, and for that reason we do not perform any other cosmetic procedures. About 1/3 of our hair restoration patients are eyebrow transplant procedures. Our eyebrow transplant patients come to us from all over the United States and the world.  Our goal is to achieve as much naturalness and density as possible. We feel these goals are best achieved when the hair transplant treatment plan is individualized.

There are many factors that must be taken into account with each eyebrow transplant patient before formulating the optimal treatment plan. Some of these factors are: What is the reason for the lack of eyebrow hair? Are the weak eyebrows secondary to genetic factors, over-plucking, or some underlying medical condition? The patient’s facial anatomy, age, the hair-to-skin color contrast, caliber and character of the hair, and amount of eyebrow hair present, are all important factors to take into account and understand in formulating a customized treatment plan.

Above are before and after photos of some of our eyebrow transplant patients.